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Without professional tattoo paste with these substances can wash out

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-25

a lot of people want to tattoo, beautiful and chic, but few are willing to experience the pain of the tattoo, therefore, tattoo paste has become a very good substitute, but this tattoo stickers how well off? Wash tattoo paste?

gasoline cleaning: gasoline is also a good organic solvent in life, one of the tattoo paste wash not to drop can also use cotton swabs daub some gasoline, gently knead again a few times can be removed.

note: gasoline itself with more full-bodied flavor, but also easy to catch fire, not very safe. Cleaning:

toothpaste toothpaste has a strong clear stain effect, in the post the location of the tattoo with toothpaste daub, with stomach gently knead, reoccupy clear water cleaning, can quickly remove tattoo stickers.

features: toothpaste can wash tattoo, but work is slow, generally need to wash a few minutes.

the vinegar to clean: it is difficult to clean off after tattoo on the joint, some even wash will remain a lot of offset printing, offset printing can be dissolved with the vinegar daub in the wash.

note: vinegar can irritate the skin, to remove as soon as possible, not long soak in the vinegar, avoid damage to the skin.

alcohol cleaning:

the tattoo paste containing adhesive and part of the pigment belongs to organic matter, dissolve in alcohol, therefore, on the skin of tattoo paste daub a layer of alcohol swab, waiting for more than ten seconds wash off with water.

note: alcohol can quickly remove tattoo stickers, but has certain stimulation to the skin, not suitable for use, in order to avoid the skin is dry, peeling.

above several kinds of cleaning methods is about tattoo paste, wash tattoo paste, don't like wash tattoo, don't hurt, also don't need professional operation, master the methods above, wash tattoo in the home also is not the problem, let you always beautiful.

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