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Why the artist would refuse to use anesthetic?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-25

grain away should know tattoo is very pain, so many guests at the time of accepting the design of large area will request a 'boss,' I want to use drugs. The tattoo artist are generally refuse to give guest using anesthesia, this might scare guests, tattoo paste small make up can't tell you why the artist to use anesthetic.

after the tattoo work normally, the pores of the skin are open, and apply the skin will appear after the pore jams, it can cause the recovery period of extended in the future. Hardening and the use of anesthetic can make the skin epidermis, lost the original skin elasticity and toughness, needle cannot normal pierced the epidermal layer, increased the difficulty of the color, and then the skin will be more easily than usual irritation.

these conditions will mislead the tattoo artist intensifies in the process of the work, which is more likely to cause skin lesions, and the consequences of her lesions I also need not say more, slow recovery, scabby thick, demitint, even hyperplasia. And the guest if you do not pay attention to maintenance, there will be serious rub off, and this kind of uneven discoloration, it is difficult to again by complementary to become beautiful.

as for the present, I can tell you is very responsible, countries have to disable the anesthetic informed, use drug products are licensed, anesthetic belongs to prescription drugs in China, the composition of lidocaine, and anesthesia products such as morphine addictive effect, only professional physicians to obtain qualification of narcotic drugs and the psychotropic drugs of category I prescription can only after purchase through normal channels.

so bosses, do you think a did not even in the formal business license may be tattoo parlors, through what channels to get the anesthetic is he? So the product you need to use on your skin? You also is really heart is big. So there are two reasons for artist to refuse to use anesthesia, it is no anesthetic, 2 it is to affect the results. So afraid of tattoo against tattoo on it.

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