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Which classification tattoo with?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-28

tattoo paste is a kind of stick in the body tattoo stickers. Simple and convenient use, no pain, affix can stay for a week, not afraid of water, there is no obvious damage to the skin. So than traditional tattoo is more easy to accept, often also facilitate change pattern. Which classification tattoo with? Wan Jiang adorn article introduces for everybody.

tattoo paste according to its process can be divided into forward water transfer printing inversion tattoo paste, water transfer printing tattoo stickers.

according to the color process can be divided into monochrome, color and four color.

according to its display effect can be divided into the color green tattoo post, flowers, luminous tattoo tattoo paste.

according to their body parts can be divided into head tattoo post, back, neck tattoo tattoo post, shoulder, chest tattoo tattoo stickers, tattoo paste, hip tattoo post, foot, hand tattoo tattoo stickers.

according to its shape types can be divided into animal totems tattoo post, geometric decoration, flower butterfly tattoo tattoo paste, portrait tattoo stickers, etc.

tattoo paste technology for water transfer printing technology, material is mainly composed of water transfer paper, green ink, glue and membrane of environmental protection, after printing the finished product, can through a small amount of water will be on the bottom paper pattern unload into the skin, or on other items. Tattoo paste paste is also very convenient.

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