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What are advantages regarding temporary tattoos for adults that look real pricing?
Dongguan XingLiMei Printing Co.,Ltd always provides competitive prices to create value for the customer base. We place a price not only from a market competition standpoint but also out of a merchandise cost and development of producing standpoint. We provide the very best value for you together with of temporary tattoos for adults .

XingLiMei now gradually begins to lead printing temporary tattoo industry. The water transfer decals is one of the main products of XingLiMei Printing Co.,Ltd. Our professional and organized management system to ensure the whole process of XingLiMei 3d puffy stickers to proceed well. The text and images are guaranteed to be clear. Utilizing custom metallic temporary tattoos system can prevent the accident of metallic temporary tattoos from product development to package. Its colors and lines are produced accurately.

We are turning to earth-friendly business methods. Our green initiatives mainly start from reducing energy resource wastes, seeking environmental-friendly packaging ways, and cutting energy consumption during production.
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