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Waterproof tattoo paste a sticker?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-29

tattoos may be arbitrary, but tattoo can want to pay great attention to, avoid is tattooed photograph rushs, avoid lines of big righteousness shall, for example, you wen guan gong, but you're not righteousness, is back, will bring bad luck, to avoid lines buddhist monk like, unless you called jai chanting, otherwise it is a misdemeanor. Waterproof tattoo paste a sticker?

1。 Will love pattern is cut off, and tear to the surface of the transparent surface of paper.

2。 Attach a tattoo paster positive you want to put parts of the body. ( As far as possible on the friction less place oh ~)

3。 Light with wet paper towels, wet sponge or wet towel wipe tattoo stickers until completely drenched. ( Remove to look carefully, do not set no wet sticker direction spin off! )

4。 Hold the wipes for 20 - After 30 seconds to bottom blank off.

5。 Natural air dry for a while.

if you want to tattoo, but again hesitant, can play first tattoo paste, feel your curiosity, sure it's not on the spur of the moment, understand a tattoo represents a meaning, can go to the tattoo. Otherwise in accordance with the above method is introduced, stick good tattoo paste is good.

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