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Wash not to drop the tattoo very embarrassed, how to wash?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-16

wash not to drop tattoos often brings people great confusion, especially in the tattoo paste after a long time, dark color, or tattoo paste also has been lost somewhere, affect beautiful, at this time, in accordance with the conventional method is to wash not to drop. Wash not to drop the tattoo very embarrassed, how to wash?

wash tattoo stickers swab method baby oil found baby oil will help dissolve tattoo pigment, stickers have cleaning effect. A small amount of baby oil in the tattoo place daub, stay for about two minutes, then use towel to wipe clean, warm water is rinsed clean finally can.

olive oil scrubbing

like baby oil, olive oil soap can effectively remove the water resistance, resistance to tattoo stickers. Tattoo location suggestion to olive oil amount daub, 2 ~ 3 minutes later with a wet towel to wipe clean until, finally, warm water is rinsed clean.

toothpaste wash

toothpaste containing abrasive, add ingredients such as surfactants can help remove tattoo stickers. To squeeze toothpaste use after applying position in tattoo, can undertake massage with finger pulp, 5 minutes with warm water is rinsed clean skin.

with cold cream except the

a thick layer of cream on tattoo place daub, let the cold cream on the skin stay for about an hour, in order to give full play to its cleaning effect, finally will cold cream with a towel to wipe off with a tattoo. Proposal again with warm water and liquid soap residue to clean clean can.

with adhesive tape in addition to the

tape has good adsorption ability, stick tape in tattoo, and then gently back and forth along the tape friction with his fingers. Tear tape, tattoos will also fall off with the tape. If the sticker area is larger, the need to try a few times more, until it is completely clear. After waiting for tattoo removal, it is suggested that can use a small piece of ice apply on the skin, to reduce the friction caused by the irritation.

wash armour water cleaning

first apply adequate amount of nail polish remover with cosmetic cotton, with a wet cotton pad and gently wipe the tattoo repeatedly, until clean. Finally use a wet towel to wipe gently tattoo, remind the skin with warm water and liquid soap finally clean can.

that's Wan Jiang summary about tattoos cleaning method. Tattoo paste wash not to drop, don't forced to rub, rub skin that are likely to be bad. Therefore, must pay attention to methods.

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