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The story about the tattoo, how much do you know?

by:XingLiMei     2020-08-28

according to archaeological excavations, tattoos, originated in the upper paleolithic and neolithic age, popular in the primitive tribes period of various nationalities.

the group common snake worship in ancient China. Usually they will snake lines on its body, scare beast, pray for divine intervention. Some ethnic minorities will also through the lines of different designs to show their identity and status, according to the peaceful enough to record 'records,' ( In common) Tattoo, very much, or less, but see article of how many, don't equal to '.

gro plug in 'on the origin of art', the purpose of the original period tattoo summed up in five categories: avoid persecution ghost; Totem worship. Cause the enemy's psychological terror; Level difference; His contribution to the gods. , totem worship, to ward off bad luck is the main purpose.

with the development of the society, people's aesthetic requirements, aesthetic consciousness, aesthetic ability gradually improve, the tattoo itself more skilled techniques, more exquisite patterns, it makes tattoos have aesthetic value. 'Chinese primitive art' tells the story of li women's perceptions of tattoo in transition: 'at the beginning of the paper surface, or up to the fear of foreign income, not face fear by han people marry, it destroyed the yan, the group thought beautiful. '

and for the central plains han, tang and song dynasty, before the deficit only as Qing punishment, no tattoo folk customs. Tang and song dynasties, the social economy fast development, the ancient culture reached its peak, for foreign minority cultures containing gradually increase, this makes tattoo culture are accepted by some people. Initially, tattoos, popular in street ACTS of rogue, part of their performance through the tattoo to show off yourself, tattoo designs will more butch, to let a person fear. Tang dynasty famous mystery novelist twang-ching-shih once said: 'on the street, schoolyard bullies, spreading rate Kun and skin firm, for all the shapes. '

however, tattoo is not a common rogue exclusive standard used to scare people, also be used to emulate their aspirations. The tang dynasty have a shu will Yin Yan, one of his soldiers call late at night, he was prepared to punish him, but soldiers drank wine, rational so think voice is very high, Yin Yan very angry, the rod he scores, nearly to death. It's younger brother, also in the barracks, kan buguan Yin Yan, thorn in their own persons 'kill Yin' two words, ink stained black.

to the late tang dynasty, the common people is through the tattoo to show his eke out a life attitude and spite of the social reality. 'Thief Zhao Wujian, pierced one hundred and sixty printing, plate of magpie, stab around bo said: 'the beaches of wild ducks, ChaoChao tip. Suddenly surprised into the water, to keep life to today. '' in the song dynasty last years, tattoo is a symbol of a fearless spirit and courage. Known as the golden star yue fei, Pierce tohave 'loyalty' to table behind fearless spirit of fighting. Eight of the southern song dynasty army, will spontaneously 'oath to kill king thief, protect effect zhao emperor' into its surface.

that's tattoo stickers manufacturers to collect the story of the tattoo. Also explains why people can have a fear to tattoo, total feel tattoos, give a person a kind of bad feeling. Actually you can face tattoo, because the tattoo is indeed a very good adornment.

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