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The right tattoo knowledge and nursing methods

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-26

the tattoo can damage the skin, so the right tattoo knowledge and nursing method is a must.

one, perfect tattoo designs along with a professional tattoo artist and skill is the proper way to perfect the guarantee of tattoos. Second, tattoo removal, don't listen to propaganda of false advertising.

three, must not use animal blood or cinnabar tattoo ( Rumors that such tattoos only after drinking can be seen) This method is extremely dangerous.

4, do not use alcohol or crystal violet processing lines of the wound, Alcohol stimulates the wound, will destroy the tattoo of crystal violet color) 。 Five, the incorrect method and the tattoo strict disinfection is easy to cause infection or infectious disease.

six, tattoo will have a certain degree of pain, any anesthetic will not have obvious effect, and has the potential to affect the coloring. Seven, do not wash cut with soap or bath ( Warm water can) 。

eight, after the completion of the tattoo to apply professional tattoo medicine or soft red chip element, and 1 - 3 hours after rinse clean with warm water will ointment and blood, using absorbent cotton or professional touch dry moisture in the paper, after don't blot out any drugs.

9, tattoo done a few days after the itching, crusting, peeling several normal phenomenon, do not scratch the wound, in order to avoid infection or decoloring, underwear should be soft, not too tight.

before 10, the wound is not good, do not eat acrimony, excitant food. Do not swim or the sauna after eleven, tattoos.

12, ill ask don't tattoo, with skin diseases or infectious diseases ( Such as hepatitis, AIDS, venereal disease patients) Please don't tattoo.

13, if there is any canker, fester, flowing water, late to foot wounds heal or fever phenomenon such as consult tattoo artist or go to a hospital checking in time.

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