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The inside of the bubble gum bubbles stickers on the skin what harm is there?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-27

when the most like to eat the sugar is bubble gum, because for a single bubble gum sugar not only can eat, there is a bubble stickers can play. Eat bubble gum stick stickers on the arm, joy. Don't think too much young and foolish, not to think about security, the inside of the bubble gum bubbles stickers on the skin what harm is there?

sticker is with glue, glue direct contact with the skin. Under the action of some colors in the hot sun, easy to generate 'allergic dermatitis' and 'daylight' sunburn. Because of this decoration direct contact with human body skin, so it is easy to cause allergic reactions, such as allergy symptoms such as itching, pain, rashes, some still can cause wound infection, use for a long time and may even cause other more serious diseases.

'tattoos' target='_blank'>tattoos' although looks very beautiful, very temptation to the heart of the pursuit of fashionable personage, but does not necessarily is good for your health. Especially for people with allergies or under the summer sun exposure, tends to harm to the body.

some stick paper-plastic agent exceeds bid, the amount of lead that the will exceed bid, health effects to the child body will obviously, children play stickers, less as far as possible in a timely manner after you wash your hands to prevent the illness.

in order to safety period, it is better to don't let the children to use, they may from time to time to touch lick such action, will not carefully invasion by the poisonous items, as far as possible let children eat less these snacks, is not conducive to health.

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