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Tattoos can be thoroughly wash off? Still with tattoos!

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-25

tattoo, now called tattoo, the right should be a tattoo, is with the ink needle into the skin and make some design or word out of the skin. Embroidery a variety of decorative pattern on the body, to see good fortune, worship. Tattoo, are hard to wash off after go up, the tattoo can be thoroughly wash off?

with a laser can wash wash off, but can be washed, basically see you Pierce the grain color: Pierce's grain color see: 1: Pierce depth 2: pigment shades 3: pigment color ( Different color, for different wavelength absorption) 4: the composition of the pigment For example: iron ion content is higher, used black, difficult to wash) 5: pigment particles ( Laser, called the wash, but it is not washed, but through different wavelength selectivity to break burst of certain pigment, and self macrophages devour absorption. 6: pigmentation problem. 7: instrument performance problems. More than 8: energy problems. 9: hold hands density fine hydrophobic technology experience. 10: repair nursing problems. 11: physical question 12: various other unknown reason, the environment and living habits. 。 。

wash tattoo there are many possible, have a clean a little leave no trace. Have clean remove improper nursing residual sinking of color, remove is not completely but the effect is good, also have dispel effect is not good, more has almost no effect. Also experience one or two after the wash hyperplasia small bumps ( Although small can through treatment to improve, but this was caused by improper physical and nursing inflammation factors and special parts. In the main factors of shallow color, rub off, of course, too thick callus, improper repair color becomes shallow, such as no exception) Color is black, and blue light blue, brown, red, is easy to wash. But Pierce too deep, grain color depth, color is dark green, deep violet is difficult to wash off.

a tattoo is a symbol of beauty and mystery, sex appeal and charm, also is the embodiment of the unique personality and self incisively and vividly, and personal beliefs. Don't go to tattoo, because the wash process than up hurts a lot, if just want to try to feel, not determined, use the tattoo tieba.

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