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'Tattoo' the harm of junior middle school students have how old?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-12

open ideas, follow the pace of the trend, and a lot of people are beginning to enjoy in the body tattoos' target='_blank'>tattoo, tattoo like pattern, or is a certain people and things, to commemorate and some people are only blind to lee, show their own unique side. We is not hard to find, the age of younger, like now can see a lot of junior middle school students on campus to grain. But the campus rule is banned students tattoo, once found will receive severe punishment.

tattoo for junior middle school students have a lot of damage, today we through the following analysis. First of all is the junior middle school students psychological cause serious harm. Normal heart just learning progress, in the next exam to get good grades, and only a student without all these mess things every day, may be affected by the plot in the movie, such as black movie class leader, who has a lot of tattoos, show his power, for the same. With curiosity, junior middle school students choose to go to tattoo, this also shows the changes in their mental, this psychology is not conducive to their growth, and the facts also prove this, we can often see news about junior middle school students tattoo then bullying other students on campus, outside disturbances.

second, tattoo in junior high school students will also receive other students. Imagine, the other students were to keep clean, you a person to tattoo, make a design, distinctive, everyone will come to see you with strange eyes, everyone will think that your character is not good, even combined to crush you. Although we think it's not that serious, but for junior middle school students thought is not mature, does not normally accept students appear around alien behavior.

in the end, the behavior of the school is not allowed, as a qualified middle school students, primary task is to learn, be a physique and all qualified students, once they are found to tattoo behavior, the school will take criticized or is called the parents to bring home to carry on the ideological education.

as a student, we should abide by the regulations of the school, don't do not conform to the identity of things to yourself and you should be positive, keep a good mentality, endeavor to learn, not learn tattoo evil wind. If you really want to be a rebellious young, then go buy a tattoo on back, had a tattoo of addiction, also won't leave real tattoo marks.

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