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Tattoo stickers and tattoo is different, is not only the difference of aging

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-27

'I really want to tattoo! '' wen! '' but I'm afraid of pain. 。 。 'Buy a fresh fresh tattoo paste with bai, anyway effect ~ 'tattoo paste like tattoos? Small make up that is not the same. Tattoo with a tattoo with what's the difference? Tattoo stickers and tattoo is different, is not only the difference of aging.

a lot of girls with tattoos are for good-looking, tattoo to wipe, and not like a tattoo, wash more pain than text body. Choose tattoo tattoo paste heel stick, it is more of a lot of courage. Some lovers cannot work under such as tattoo, occasionally to decorate yourself with some nice tattoo the skin, to indicate that the in the mind comfort.

a tattoo is a tattoo, is nothing irreplaceable! Real tattoo enthusiasts, know how important it is to oneself own bearing design. Both for pure love, for the extension of the story, they all know, these designs will be tightly with follow his life.

and tattoo paste is what? Rub off just erase, design don't like to change. In this way, you also serious told me, it can replace the tattoo? Isn't it? Tattoo is a kind of decoration, and some tattoo, is carrying a story behind Social guy except tattoo) 。

in the end, I hope you before every tattoo, all want to think about, what is the purpose of your tattoo? Even regret tattoo, don't get on this pot to jilt to tattoo! If only for a short period of time, choose the tattoo stickers.

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