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Tattoo sticker is harmful to the body?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-10

tattoos' target='_blank'>tattoo stickers for the body, it is harmful. First of all, body painting pigment composition is very complicated, and thus do not have affinities of its people's skin, and skin contact stimulus of pigment dye will derive a toxicity and immune allergic reaction, namely, allergic contact dermatitis. Let's look at.

in the tattoo pigment color paste used at most is red dye, containing cinnabar mercury, while the yellow dye containing cadmium, black dye containing carbon or more iron oxide, etc. , these substances can make skin produce allergic reaction and redness itching. Allergic reaction depends on the person's physical fitness, however, some people put up a tattoo color safe, others will be more easily because of skin allergy and produce inflammation of the skin.

in addition, the tattoo color paste is located in the exposed parts of the body, otherwise boring like brocade nocturnal. But in the hot sun, tattoos, color paste can absorb ultraviolet and burn the skin is like a condenser to many unexpected. Most boys and girls will be painted on the chest, arms, wrists, navel area, these areas into the sun, this would be easy to get sunburned.

in the sun, bright colour on the colour of the design, the more successful, the more I will make local skin to absorb more ultraviolet radiation, the skin burns and more severe. In addition to the color paste site redness, burning sensation, tingling, surrounding skin will color deepened and peeling. Such as scratching also can cause infection, cause skin crusting, left scar. If appear this kind of phenomenon, the skin redness is serious, should be quickly with six or seven layers of thick gauze dipped 3% boric acid water wet apply, not too serious cha also applied calamine lotion.

in addition, there are tattoo stickers in Taiwan was checking out the plasticizer exceeds bid. Tattoos as a convenience to stick on the skin, most contain plastic agent to the viscosity, but excessive plasticizer will have harm to the user's skin, especially the kid's skin, and even cancer.

advice, try not to let the child to use this kind of sticker, if you want to use, time cannot too long, and should be thoroughly clean immediately after use, can use a small amount of alcohol or oil paint on the tattoo, back and forth a few seconds later with a soft cloth dipped in water is wiped, reoccupy clear water to wash. At the same time, people try to choose normal manufacturer production of stickers, also avoid for use by children under 3 years old after use in case of irritation, allergic phenomenon, should be quickly removed, severe cases should be to a dermatologist for medical treatment.

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