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Tattoo paste: you know what a tattoo taboo?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-26

although tattoos are no longer be considered a sign of bad people, but, if you think you can freely tattoo, then you are wrong, careless tattoo, consequences will accompany your life. What tattoo paste tell you tattoo taboo.

1, tattoo 'four beasts' damage aura: some young people misinterpret 'four beasts' in feng shui, in tattoo performance: left arm lines tsing lung, right arm grain white tiger, chest grain skeleton, back grain basaltic. This tattoo company repeatedly. Apart from the skeleton and basaltic will bring you many stars.

2, facial tattoos lamp loss: there are some faddist in his head, does it, 'pretty bad', maybe your forehead is mar his lamp.

3, breasts, lower body tattoo mess later generations: what is more, on his breast, belly button, to uncover her nakedness grain clever design. Wind, however, a person's 'gas' gas otc have diarrhoea, then, is not his own desires of the heart, is if the posterity, be careful.

4, bottom tattoos are more: a neo-confucianism emphasizes the 'mountain', on the bottom is one of the most important head mountain, mountain head attack, is followed. You'll encounter 'imp' everywhere, difficult difficult.

5 petals road twists and turns, legs: if a person had a good luck, suddenly become tortuous difficulties and dangerous, so look at your legs have stripes.

after the introduction of the above absolute tattoo is terrible? Have no letter, no letter, but small make up think tattoo or careful is better. If you are like the design of exaggerated, small make up recommend, might as well use tattoo paste, let you feel fresh, also won't stay with you.

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