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Tattoo paste: why tattoos are difficult to get rid of?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-26

some friends will ask, are not universal laser? When take the laser treatment, local tissue that convert light energy into heat energy, pigment particles is the energy of laser cracking into tiny particles through the skin to take off the scabs, blood circulation and cell to gobble up way out of the body. But in practice, the effect is not necessarily very ideal, often still have obvious marks on the skin.

originally, small pigment particles will continue to be swallowed up by the phagocytes again, through the skin to take off the scab or blood circulation of particles or less, so the pigment being swallowed and can only be in the form of high paste existed in the original place.

on the other hand, tattoo pigment composition is also more and more complex, some gold properties of compound pigment particles cannot absorb light energy, would be much less cracking. Some of the composition of green pigment absorption of laser energy is not high also, also hard to wash.

in addition, some poisonous pigment, at the time of tattoos may toxicity is not high, but can occur under laser catalytic allosteric, will improve the toxicity and other toxins after smaller but can be absorbed by the body more deeply.

other common methods include chemical etching method of remove tattoo, With a weak acid solution corrosion skin) , skin pass into a physical method, freezing, and so on, are almost through prompt skin necrosis, the necrotic tissue along with pigment loss, but these methods are also not obtain due effect.

therefore, tattoo will be lifelong love, make a decision, you should think twice before you do, because you choose is not a moment of pleasure, but a lifetime of protracted war! If a flower leaves to come just curious yourself is what appearance, then can try tattoo paste, or coloured drawing or pattern, tried to start again, after bought also won't regret it.

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