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Tattoo paste what is the harm to the body?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-26

life a lot of people like tattoos, but this tattoo is very painful, tattoo then it is difficult to eliminate, as a result, many people will choose tattoo stickers, tattoo paper, so I can let oneself try more style of tattoo, don't cause pain, but this tattoo with any harm?

1, allergies. Tattoo tattoo effect is pigment dyed, therefore, this tattoo paste contains a lot of pigment composition, composition is complex, a lot of material to have allergic to human body, especially the person allergic constitution, in the post this tattoo paper there is a possible allergic phenomenon.

2, wound infection. Tattoo paste composition in the complex, if has a traumatic wound in the skin, in the post after the tattoo's impact on the wound is large, sometimes the tattoo glue stick to the skin, make it hard for the wound to cleaning, have a wound infection, the possibility of a longer healing period.

3, photosensitive dermatitis. Tattoo paste is a layer of pigment in the skin surface layer, the part that is original can irritate the skin, still have some pigment composition has a strong role in absorbing sunlight, the area is easy to be exposed to the sun photosensitive dermatitis.

4, poisoning. Tattoo paste pigment in have a lot of heavy metal elements, such as cinnabar ( Mercury) , cadmium in the adhesive may also contain a lot of excessive amounts of harmful ingredients, often put this tattoo on the possibility of poisoning, itchy skin, erosion, etc.

that's tattoo possible hazards, good tattoos, but it is also the existence of some safe hidden trouble. Tattoo post, don't be too often even to stick to select qualified quality tattoo stickers.

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