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Tattoo paste tell you something about tattoo need to be aware of those things

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-28

in fact, now many people for a person with a tattoo, or have some prejudice. For example, body have tattoo can't join the army, take an examination of civil service. Tattoo is not what we call the article go up and then not so simple, when you need to pay attention to many. Tattoo paste something about tattoo need to pay attention to those things to you!

the person is not suitable for tattoo: people prone to keloid is not suitable for a tattoo. In tattoo after his wound healing would produce raised skin proliferation, tattoo effect is not good, does not recommend a tattoo. ( Usually this few people)

with: all kinds of skin diseases, diabetes, patients with vitiligo, thyroid disease, once the wound to heal after tattoo, tattoo is a vengeful. ( Patients with skin disease will not be entertain)

needle tattoos will certainly hurt your dermis, may cause all sorts of cross infection, contagious terrible AIDS and infectious hepatitis b, etc.

the use of advanced equipment - — Tattoo gun. Is a type of needles 100% health prevent cross infection. Some businesses use province a pin money is often the customer's body, so the tattoo paste, suggest you choose a good tattoo merchant.

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