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Tattoo paste poisonous?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-25

there are a lot of people now tattoo, both men and women. Especially among the young. But a tattoo is more painful, wash once a tattoo is more hurt. A lot of people want to tattoo, but afraid pain, and therefore will use tattoo stickers. Tattoos easy to use, no pain, also can change the style at any time, was deeply loved by people. So is it safe to tattoos?

skin expert points out, 'tattoos' used in pigment composition is complicated, in order to obtain more strong performance result, this kind of act the role ofing is tasted, increasingly joined some harmful substances, such as adhesives, pigment containing heavy metals. Some of these dyes containing toxic, such as cinnabar ( Mercury) , cadmium, etc. , these substances stimulation to produce toxic lesions. Under the action of some colors in the hot sun, easy to generate 'allergic dermatitis' and 'daylight' sunburn.

in the monochrome of pop sticker on the market has been gradually eliminated, more harmful and new color stickers, stickers bright-coloured colour is mostly to solve the problem of the manufacture of stickers by industrial paint, industrial paint in order to stabilize the stability of the pigment, added the phenolic aldehyde amine curing agent and phenolic amides curing agent to guarantee the stability of the color of the sticker to increase the color adhesion, and add a lot of preservatives, to ensure the long time of bright colours.

these stickers on the use of color pigment is very complex, in order to make the color more bright-coloured, bad vendors to add even cinnabar, cinnabar is ancient crane, is a highly toxic paint, creature fuel containing cadmium, cadmium toxicity is very big in the air or food to human body harm is very big, Japan had been cadmium poisoning, people call this kind of disease pain pain disease.

many stickers on the market are 3 without the product, if you like you can buy which have a certain quality assurance, period of contact and can be a pet, but it is best not to for a long time to stick in the body so as not to appear harmful response. Normal manufacturer production tattoo sticker will be safe a lot of, suggest you choose to pay attention to when the manufacturer is qualified.

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