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Tattoo paste is very low, really?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-29

'like tattoos' target='_blank'>tattoo tattoo ah, why put some pediatrician tattoos? ', as the sticker like the inside of the bubble stick 'bubble stick', feel low burst, post the tattoo but, really will be very low?

many people first tattoo is the sort of cartoon stickers, or for others envy eyes, or to receive friend's praise. Just a few minutes of simple operation can satisfy his little vanity why not?

tattoo has no superiority, a sticker also won't is inferior. But in reality always has this or that prejudice is beside you and me, 'sit here than iron cow driving force', 'playing a tattoo than senior tattoo paste'.

as for tattoo paste it, no need too demanding - such as I have a tattoo, but see the lovely tattoo paste, I will not hesitate to a, is yes.

but for FMCG tattoo stickers, you can have a variety of styles, don't like to wash off. Low cost, convenient cleaning. This may can let a person not to think about and cherish it. Maybe tattoo stickers and tattoo the actual difference lies in here.

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