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Tattoo paste clean small coup, convenient a trace

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-25

s pursuit of personality, many people choose to go to the tattoo to express their attitude to life, individual character is dye-in-the-wood, indeed but design is single, and some pain, so not everyone dares to attempt, luckily had a tattoo stickers, let us have enough tattoos hidden, tattoo paste cleaning also has exquisite, learn to this a few tattoo paste clean small coup, convenient to trace.

1。 Baby oil

most of the tattoo paste surface have a layer of waterproof film, it won't take a bath, so choose to oil washing oil is a good method, and baby oil also won't hurt our skin, should first tattoo surface with a layer of baby oil, wait for a while and then use towel to wipe, you will find a tattoo wrinkle on the surface, can flake, very convenient, processing and then wash with warm water after clean can.

2。 Tape

tattoo design as a whole, so together with duct tape can put them off, had better use transparent tape, removing force is stronger, prepare a piece of scotch tape affixed to the tattoo, and then put the tape with finger, make it as far as possible joint tattoo, then slowly lift tape, tattoo paste can fall off with tape, pay attention to the whole process to slow, gentle so that we can reduce the stimulation to the skin.

3。 Toothpaste

if you no more than two items, then use toothpaste to wash tattoo, which will be used every day, it's a universal cleaning experts, put a dab of tattoo toothpaste, rub after a period of time, reoccupy clear water wash, can wash away along with the tattoo stickers, because toothpaste more slower, so need to extend the period of the rubbing and washing time.

the above method is very good operation and stimulation to the skin is the youngest, learned that, in tattoo paste can be every day. But small make up recommend, standing in the point of view of health, tattoo paste paste occasionally good, don't post too much, too long, give your skin a chance to breathe.

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