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Tattoo paste behind which security hidden trouble?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-27

tear pattern is covered with a layer of transparent tape, water backs pattern, stick patterned side in their own skin, and in a few minutes in, the stickers have been become a tattoo. Tattoo is also a kind of tide sheet is tasted, many young children love it. But hidden behind the beautiful tattoo paste with a lot of potential safety hazard.

because this kind of temporary tattoo does not need to move the needle, let a person suffer pain, and can be artificial wash out, so it was very popular among young people. In the summer, there are a lot of boys and girls on the street were plastered with tattoo stickers, have posted on legs, arms, also have posted on the collarbone.

tattoo paste this stuff can easily can be bought on the net, the price in nine yuan to several dozens yuan. And all claims to be half a permanent tattoo, security, non-toxic, waterproof. But the potential safety hazard is very big also.

some tattoo paste containing heavy metal lead, once on the skin sensitive people, may cause allergic skin redness. Random search online tattoo paste allergies, there are a lot of connection is the net friend for help, put up a tattoo how stick allergy treatment.

Wan Jiang small make up warm prompt: if you have already posted a tattoo cause skin irritation, first remove tattoo paste on the skin and oral allergy medicine, local allergy treatment as far as possible not to buy to daub ointment, treatment as soon as possible to the hospital.

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