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Tattoo paste: before the tattoo, you need to know?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-28

tattoo don't like tattoo posts, Posting, ShuiTie said washing can be washed off, tattoos can be said to be a tattoo, is a lifetime, you can wash out, but may not be able to wash clean, well before the tattoo, you need to learn about these things.

cannot do tattoos are: body tattoo can't join the army, take an examination of civil service.

the person is not suitable for tattoo: people prone to keloid is not suitable for a tattoo. In tattoo after his wound healing would produce raised skin proliferation, tattoo effect is not good, does not recommend a tattoo. ( Usually this few people)

with: all kinds of skin diseases, diabetes, patients with vitiligo, thyroid disease, once the wound to heal after tattoo, tattoo is a vengeful. ( Patients with skin disease will not be entertain)

needle tattoos will certainly hurt your dermis, may cause all sorts of cross infection, contagious terrible AIDS and infectious hepatitis b, etc.

grain colour USES the advanced equipment - — Tattoo gun.

tattoos now everyone's eyes is not a bad kid's exclusive, sometimes it is also a kind of faith, and in some cases, a tattoo to cover some scars, tattoos, significance has been accepted, so the tattoo before you only need to know some of the above points, made up his mind to go and tattoos.

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