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Tattoo culture, how much do you know?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-02

right now many of the tattoo, we are the most common is that some people have a tattoo on his arm, ankle and back. Although small make up no tattoo, but small make up heard that tattoo is very painful, if you want to wash, wash will be more pain than text, and then there are a lot of friends like tattoo stickers. Tattoos look good personality, some friends obsessed with tattoos, but I do not know the history of the tattoo Wan Jiang valley adorn article will tell you about tattoo 'story'.

the tattoo is a very ancient art form, also known as tattoos, Mr Green, etc. Initially based on the original purpose of survival, people like heterogeneous on fur gorgeous color and decorative pattern, with the spicule and insoluble plant juices to Pierce the skin, leaving and animal patterns, to hide the jungle. This is the first tattoo, then along with the improvement of civilization, tattoos are endowed with adornment, totem worship, the meaning of memorial, etc. This is another story.

is another way of saying that tattoo originated in the human animal worship, ancient people admire heterogeneous on fur have bright colors and decorative, colorful paint was used to simulate all kinds of beautiful things in nature with decorative pattern to decorate yourself. Later totem to beautify the decoration on the body, said the worship of the totem.

after the Stone Age, tattoo in Egypt and China for the first time. When the tattoo is regarded as a symbol of wealth and social status. Later became the identity of the tribe, the adornment of the original, the mascot of the religion.

a tattoo can be traced back to BC 2000 years ago in Egypt and the pyramids in Egypt more than 4000 mummies, men's and women's noble body engraved with obvious tattoo masterpiece, egyptians used tattoo division class, used to represent a specific industry. In addition, Egypt is the world's earliest tattoos for beauty of the nation, from ancient Egyptian pharaoh's tomb unearthed jade statue on it can be seen that the ancient egyptians had the custom of tattoo eyeline and tattoo. As a totem, Egypt call themselves the children of 'eagle'.

in China can be traced back to 3500 years ago, was used for the penalty, namely 'tattooed, MoXing'. Such as 'water margin' the leopard head Lin are consigned cangzhou, cheek the sting of words, can be counted as a tattoo. Let alone we know mother-in-law deficit -- — Loyalty patriotism. Say totem, we always call themselves 'descendants of the dragon', the dragon is a totem of the Chinese nation, its incomparable form and are endowed with magic, has been widely worship. Dragon as an aggregate of many fierce animals, also expressed the wonders of nature, we want to strengthen itself.

the above is our tattoo history is introduced. Tattoo originally used for punishment in China, but with the development of time, people's conception changing, tattoos are a kind of adornment, an art form. Now a lot of friends use tattoo stickers to decorate.

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