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Tattoo at the unstable stage, tattoo paste into the mainstream

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-28
To say why

small make up a tattoo in an unstable stage? Actually very simple, you just think why so many people to follow the social people tattoo? Is surely want to keep up with the trend, so that people follow the psychological is quite big, and everyone's aesthetic view and subject to change as time changes, the era of 'kill' matt anyone remember? The aesthetic is different from now, when you try to remember yourself at that time, is there an impulse want to strangle himself?

either don't tattoo, or is a meaningful body tattoo, let oneself a tattoo don't regret for the rest of my life, with a focus on the grain difficult to remove after, this is a question of people's distress, one thousand lines just the body is out of date to do the next day, this is not a pit themselves. So this is also why tattoo paste will become mainstream, general tattoo of stick a couple of days will fade away, is to play, the focus is on tattoo paste directly with just a matter of, don't need to go to like tattoos, experience a variety of process is simple, fast, don't like the design of can immediately change. Tattoo is a tattoo, is nothing irreplaceable! You want to distinguish the difference between the two, is it really necessary to print a real tattoo.

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