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Stick a waterproof tattoos should pay attention to what?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-29

'in your age, don't dignified alive. 'This sentence from time to time to remember on a little girl's ear. The traditional view, tattoos are not darling girl. But the tattoo can really make you beautiful enchanting, cute, cool, beautiful beautiful at this time, you have a waterproof tattoo paste is enough. Stick a waterproof tattoos should pay attention to what?

1, the pattern is cut off, shall love and tear to the surface of the transparent surface of paper.

2, attach tattoo paster positive you want to put parts of the body. ( As far as possible on the friction less place oh ~)

3, with a wet towel, wet sponge or wet towel gently wipe tattoo stickers until completely drenched ( Remove to look carefully, do not set no wet sticker direction spin off! ) 。

4, hold down the wet towel for 20 - After 30 seconds to bottom blank off.

5, the natural air-dry for a while.

but tattoos intimate contact with the skin, while conform to safety standards, but allergic reaction depends on the individual's physique, allergic constitution of please buy cautiously. If use after allergic reaction, please immediately wash and consulting a specialist. Please visit is not completely healed after the injury of the skin.

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