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Sign on to the skin, tattoo paste this pick

by:XingLiMei     2020-08-28

as a symbol of reflects the unique personality and self, tattoos' target='_blank'>tattoos are popular with more and more little sister. But for the fear of pain or the girls in the three minutes heat, tattoo is impossible? Of course not! Choose a suitable for their own tattoo paste, can the charm full of pain.

like the careful when choosing tattoo, all kinds of tattoo paste is not randomly selected. Once a wrong not only looks cheap, but also and their own temperament very don't match. Want to tattoo paste as delicate as a real tattoo, when trying to choose from many consider size, quality and style.

according to the size of the selected

there will be someone with a tattoo size to judge a person's courage, but the area of the tattoo can not determine the size of a person's courage. So when selecting a tattoo paste, girls don't need to blindly choose large tattoo stickers, for his character to choose.

( 1) Suitable for small area inside collect character

because of the need on the big screen, many female stars in the body as a small tattoo paste to make a little ornament. Such a small area of the tattoos are generally more delicate, more like a kind of adornment, performance and character of the little woman.

tattoo paste is more suitable for small area on the clavicle, ankle or wrist this delicate and visible parts. These parts at the same time also is the place that comparison can reveal feminine features, a small area of the tattoos not abrupt, can foil more a kind of delicate feeling.

( 2) Large area suitable for outgoing personality

of course, more the pursuit of unique and individual character girls does not satisfy a small area of the tattoos, such the domineering sister can choose large tattoo stickers.

the tattoo paste behind of large area will be more attract people's attention, and the sister of inside collect, large area tattoo paste generally adhere to the chest, arms or legs, and even more a kind of passionate about beauty.

according to the quality of a material selected

when it comes to tattoo paste, most people's impression is a patterned gummed paper, tattoo paste is also actually have different quality of a material. In addition to tape tattoo paste, liquid tattoo discount in is becoming more and more common.

( 1) Liquid texture

liquid texture contains a panama fruit ingredient from the amazon region, the local people with its SAP for dyeing. The fluid in the body is not be washed away, can only through the body's metabolism, fall off in about two weeks.

to average tattoo paste, liquid tattoo stickers will be more time and energy, and want to fully present the effect to wait until the next day, but the advantage is obvious, it is tape tattoo paste more durable nature.

( 2) Gummed paper texture

tape tattoo is the most common, through a layer of gel adsorption film, with a color pattern with the skin tight fit together, create the false impression that a real tattoo. But keeping degree tape tattoo soon, and more easily than liquid tattoo is scratched.

but good shape, because it is fixed when using tape tattoo stickers, do not have to worry about like liquid tattoo contaminate the other parts of the skin, the ease with which can have an elaborate tattoos.

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