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Shenzhen waterproof tattoo paste material

by:XingLiMei     2020-08-31

1) Suitable for small area inside collect character

because of the need on the big screen, waterproof tattoo paste

can reach 30 days; With the constant improvement of technology, all kinds of effects have been gradually mature application, the effect of metal, shiny effect of onion powder, the effect of laser, velvet effect, three-dimensional effect of diamond, 2 d, 3 d effect of foaming effect, hollow out, luminous, temperature change, photosensitive color, discoloration, etc. , under the influence of water is held in our country.

many female stars put a small body tattoo stickers to make a little ornament. Such a small area of the tattoos are generally more delicate, more like a kind of adornment, performance and character of the little woman.

step 2: apply bottom oil. At your fingertips onto a thin layer of oil, to avoid direct contact with the natural oils, nail polish and nail lead to premature loss, avoid contact with can strengthen nail polish and nail the joint between the sex, and bottom oil also can protect the nails, avoid pigment precipitation directly on the nail polish, daub is waiting for its natural dry, do not use mouth to blow dry, that will destroy the feeling the armour of the ground.

waterproof tattoo paste painted nails, _ - — Honestly acrylics or stick a slice can be, and to do this is to short nails done, and the effect than true nail effect is good, but once the unload most people would think long-term use fake nails

nail necessary: 'to do a good job, must first sharpen his', of various types of will nail art supplies, and learn how to correctly use, this is the beginning of the nail.

1, manicure tools, manicure tools of disposable supplies, must be disinfected before each use, therefore, the size of the tool to into a detergent container is advisable.

crystal tong: used only when doing crystal nails, can not replace with leather pliers, otherwise easy to cause broken crystal nail.

, yes, it is really not used to the nail, and because to do false have their nails, after removing the more or less will be nails become fragile. Fake nails will make really nail couldn't breathe. And discharging false nails is very painful. If you do not believe my words can go online, weigh the gain and loss, all in all, my fingernail size is not big, and nails stay is not long, so don't be a crystal.

crystal tattoo paste is based on the design of the tattoo paste, waterproof tattoo paste

on the product after need to spray light oil or other surface treatment, into the oven for 50 - Bake 30-120 degrees 60 minutes to blow grind resistant effect, widely used in plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, polly, the material such as wooden craft gift toys, daily necessities, sports equipment and other industries. 4, tattoo stickers, water transfer printing: this product USES a simple, convenient, and stick on the skin is not easy to peel water resistance is strong, can wipe to remove can use alcohol or solvents, main application

is a blend of crystal elements, combining the exquisite design and dazzling crystal, the creation of a new type of high-grade tattoo stickers. The tattoo with a very good adornment effect, are popular among girls. But how crystal tattoo paste paste good-looking?

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