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Shenzhen flower arm tattoo paste how to choose

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-04

1, the eyelash with 3 duan shiga laws first a radian, lest and the radian of false eyelash cannot merge. Clip is less than the details of the part can use the small local special eyelash clip. As long as the eyelash clip becomes warped, had become warped will card to wear false eyelashes. In part on both ends can apply some more, because eye head and eye end are very easy to become warped up.

arm tattoo stickers. Stick with some nail polish remover cotton will overflow to dab of glue to nail nails method 1 unloading method. Unloaded a fluid to cover the right amount of cotton soaked in nails, don't show henna arm tattoo

, wrap with plastic wrap, wait for 15 minutes, fake nails will melt, it is ok to wipe away ~! Method 2. There is a folk discharge in soaking method is put nails in the warm water, soft can pick ~! Flower flower used this method, however, are interested in MM please tell huahua effect after tried how oh ~!

many of them are 3 without the product stickers on the market, take the arm tattoo paste

step three: nail polish. Choice wants nail color at your fingertips gently daub, wait for dry, proposal is not completely dry when appropriate stickers, waiting time are generally four to five minutes.

step four: paste the nail stickers. With stomach gently rub hot nail stickers, color on the face, then along the refers to the edge, to gently press on the nail stickers with scissors to spare parts, with down to simple dressing the shape, it is ok to use hair dryer heating again.

if you like you can buy which have a certain quality assurance, period of contact and can be a pet, but it is best not to for a long time to stick in the body so as not to appear harmful response. Normal manufacturer production tattoo sticker will be safe a lot of, suggest you choose to pay attention to when the manufacturer is qualified.

flower put 1 arm tattoo. Suggestion is that the glue drop on your nails, rather than the back of the nail plate. Why is that? Because we take by hand when you need to hold on to really nail nails, if is a slap on the back of the nail, even if again carefully, it is easy to spend glue stick to a hand arm tattoo paste

nail can be popular, now many handy sister will own DIY, is clumsy, and not willing to go to nail shop to burn money, after using nail stickers. Have all sorts of design, the lovely wind, female, rural wind, Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea. 。 。 Hey hey ~ ~ as long as you want all can match, so how do you use the nail stickers?

。 2. Installed with ready before toothpicks and tissues. Toothpicks can help you to drop in on the nail glue and benefits is to avoid suddenly fall down too much glue. One thousand glue or pour more, how to do? Glossy paper will come in handy at this time, with some off your face.
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