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Put a tattoo paste will become the most beautiful? You are not afraid of poisoning!

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-11

a tattoo is a lot of people their art form, but did not dare to try. Because the tattoo once the upper body, and then want to get all is impossible. Tattoo is the beauty of the pain, and the occurrence of tattoo stickers, for those who want to try your body with colour, but afraid pain, unbearable high prices, healthy people a new way to reveal personality. But for people who want a tattoo but dare not tattoo, tattoo paste becomes the best choice. Put a tattoo paste will become the most beautiful? You are not afraid of poisoning!

in recent years, frequent reports about tattoo paste warned us, tattoo stickers not as safe as I thought.

the emergence of the tattoo paste it for a long period of time, in recent years the high heat also made him a testing institutions focus on the object. Previously had been media reports 'pig' page, tattoo mercury levels result in British girl have serious skin allergy news after use.

of course, hides some tattoo paste safety concerns not only the mercury levels. Recently, jiangsu news has launched a survey, by buying school around a grocery store, stationery shop tattoo products inspection, look at the business calls 'normal manufacturer harmless tattoo paste' is it really safe and reliable. And the final detection result makes is three products have different degree of heavy metal lead and cobalt standard phenomenon.

lead and cobalt are poisonous metal, in particular, as a kind of toxic heavy metals, lead enters the body after the body it is difficult to discharge, and lead children if consuming too much may cause inattention, violent and other issues, serious even can affect children's brain function, cause mental decline; And cobalt and cobalt compounds if direct contact with the human body will cause allergic or irritant dermatitis, cobalt salt into the body can cause 'carbide disease'. In addition, lead, cobalt and cobalt compounds belong to 2 b carcinogen.

a lot of people will feel that the grocery store, stationery shop tattoo paste is 3 without the product itself, there are security hidden danger is not hard to imagine, choose regular brand should be able to avoid most of the hidden dangers. However, small make up feel, whether tattoo or tattoo paste, which use paint, and paint will inevitably exist some skin cannot adapt to, be sure to properly use, don't too much pursuit individuation, after all, health is the most important thing.

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