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Pretty girls tattoo stickers?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-26

tattoos' target='_blank'>tattoo paste compared with tattoos convenient many, very simple, first place tattoo paste at the site of the you need to print, wet water with a towel after press on your lines, hard press can be printed in a minute. Tattoo paste the only weakness is can't stay too long, good-looking girls tattoo stickers?

。 1 collarbone

if the body is very thin, collarbone prominent, so there will be a tattoo for you good position, single or dense pattern are good-looking.

。 2 neck

this is tattoo all the most prominent position, so the grain and statement to be more cautious in this design, some soft lines and classic decorative pattern than u> Fresh shrimp.

。 3 back

short hair girl, like: this position again wen can give a person is breezy good impression, grain is very suitable for some interesting design, write a letter place also enough.

。 4 hips

when wear low-rise trousers, appear very sexy, is more obviously.

。 5 ears around

if you like tall horsetail, so the most appropriate after grain in ear. Auricle medial combined with ear hole more creative.

。 Six arm laterally

simple line design here is very joker, even if don't wear any jewelry, the big arm to show is also very bright eye.

。 7 ankle

a lot of girls would choose the ankle tattoo, small inconspicuous, if around a week as decorative patterns can also be anklets.

the above is suitable girls post the part of the tattoo, tattoo stickers in adhesives and other ingredients, make its not easy to fall off and have waterproof effect, generally can be maintained 7 days or so, the longer the time, tattoos will continue to fall off.

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