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Post the tattoo

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-28

maybe you will think against tattoo on the little things don't need to pay attention to what thing, but if the post is not good, it is not durable, so we need to study in this aspect. For some veterans, post natural tattoo is a cinch, but for some novice, is how of, how should stick?

step one: first of all, with water or clean wet towel to position is going to post the tattoo the skin clean.

step 2: take your favorite tattoo designs, the surface layer of transparent film tear, in the case of keep cover smooth, put on your skin.

step three: use a wet towel or sponge covered in tattoos, let it wet, if face appears on the bubble, remember to drop its extrusion, and then let stand for 30 minutes 1 hour.

step four: wait for tattoo paste completely dry and after the break, we can be torn off the bottom white paper. Tattoo paste than tattoo, tattoo paste material with chemical composition, so still have certain harm to the body, tattoo paste is used to play, but excessive use, buy when they try to choose brand, such as our tattoo paste, need to know 'dongguan Wan Jiang ornaments'.

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