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Pig tattoo paste detect 'mercury' page! And these risks can!

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-27

to ask what is the most popular cartoon character this year? At the same time, the price is cheap, diverse styles, tattoo paste page also follow to fire up the pig.

in the shopping site search found that pig tattoo page variety, the price is not expensive, some three nine, or even ten nine nine 30 card to send 30, still pack mail!

these prices are super cheap pig tattoo paste page may bring terrible harm to the body! Reporters after testing grain body wash not to drop.

on the market ( Sell) The inferior tattoo paste, may contain formaldehyde and heavy metals, so that will can irritate the skin. Tattoo design in red, is mainly composed of cinnabar, namely mercury. Design in black, are generally composed of titanium oxide or carbon; Yellow is generally made up of chromium. These easy to cause skin allergic reaction after contact with skin.

the normal tattoo paste used is water transfer printing technology, is exchanged on the media, will be on the membranes of the pattern is transferred to your skin, general water are wash not to drop, but can be washed off with alcohol or oil, buy tattoo must not blindly, must choose qualified tattoo stickers.

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