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Inferior tattoo paste containing 'mercury', love tattoo paste friends to pay attention!

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-25

in the world of wild, some who don't want to live as proud? However, everyone is real-life rules limit, can't tattoo, because the tattoo can't go to the army, cannot take an examination of civil servants. For tattoo is still in love? The choice is, of course, tattoo stickers.

tattoo paste is simplistic tattoo, as long as the sticker on the skin, the back water wet after get off, can print on the skin, the effect can last for a few days. It is primarily through water transfer printing technology, component mainly ink and glue. And the price is very cheap, like pig tattoo stickers, page three or four yuan less, more than ten yuan, it can buy hundreds of.

some time ago 'body' of the pig page grain, let many people to buy the pig tattoo paste page, and even some parents buy for their children, let children also GanGan 'trend'. Children because of skin development is not yet mature, sensitive to external stimulation reaction, are more likely to cause irritation. Problem is so it happened, some children because post, including 'mercury' tattoo the skin allergy to the hospital.

alone may not be persuasive, but news, just we see part of part of this is hidden and concealed. Here small make up remind you is:

1) Low price is more security risk! News came out of the unqualified products are just a few, more dangerous is hidden in the dark.

2) Close skin, don't buy 3 without the product. Mom and dad to pull the line for the child, to prevent risks.

3) If you want to buy tattoo stickers for kids, buy a regular products, minimal skin irritation, relative safety.

whether adults or children, are going to buy qualified tattoo stickers, do not covet is cheap, quality is more important, in the Bohemian grade, even to live proud, and please don't forget health first, safety first.

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