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If you want to go to Japan, let alone tattoo, tattoo stickers are not!

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-25

a philosopher once said: although you drink permed hair also tattoos' target='_blank'>tattoo, but you still is a good girl, but in Japan, tattoos are not popular! About 56% of Japan's hotel hotel, I don't have tattoos visitors use bathing facilities. If you want to go to Japan, let alone tattoo, tattoo stickers are not! Why is this?

forward said, ten years ago, a 26-year-old American John taught English in Japan, because the worship of the Oriental culture, the article big bite of tattoo, a warrior, snake, monsters, dragons, from shoulders to back to his arm, it is a pair of walking murals.

and then, he can not be into the gym, in a hot spring bath will be put out, school basketball team can't hire him as a coach, he had to wear long sleeve shirt in class. And in order to the tattoo, he got including 43 hours.

common Japanese think tattoo of people don't love their families, 'body hair skin by the parents, will be destroyed at random'. Most Japanese people believe, however, mark tattoo is gangdom member.

so hot springs, swimming pool, gym, these may be naked body basic tattoo is prohibited to enter, mainly is worried about the responses from other customers, and shouldn't be lenient because you are a foreigner.

'tattoo' discrimination turned off a lot of foreign visitors to Japan some places, also became a pain in the neck of the government. Now, Japan is trying to eliminate the money. For example, the government plans to printed manuals to tourists, tell everyone a tattoo here the reality of the despised; Suggest hot spring tourism department, hotel, on the other hand, specially prepare some stickers, band-aid and so on, to keep out using tattoos.

country, different culture background is different, suggest you if you have plan to go to Japan, so that before it or don't tattoo, if you have a tattoo, it had better not go to Japan later exposed easily, after all, 'when in Rome, do as the Romans do', let each other comfortable is also for your tolerance and treat. If you want to go to Japan, then don't tattoo, don't put tattoo paste!

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