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If there is a harm to human body of heavy metals in the tattoo paste?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-25

tattoo paste is a kind of stick the sticker on the body. Simple and convenient use, and the price cheap, through the 'water transfer' technology, can be all kinds of pattern transfer printing ink into the skin. After labeled falls off not easily, can keep for a long time, and there is no tattoo pain, always very popular with the pursuit of fashionable young men and women. In some time ago, for some video platform of marketing and promotion of a 'pig' page style of tattoo paste began to popular among children. If there is a harm to human body of heavy metals in the tattoo paste?

these tattoos will stick is contained in the heavy metal enters the body, once into the body, what harm can you cause to human body? AD cool-headed disease, long-term exposure to heavy metal can cause heavy metal, usually of pigmentation in the skin and mucous membranes.

heavy metal can through tattoo paste into the child's body, but not necessarily visible to the naked eye skin change or enter blood circulation, normally associated with contact with how much the amount of heavy metals. Usually after long-term exposure to a few months and years to cause symptoms.

argyria, for example, are usually long-term exposure or oral, injected into the body for months, after a few years before, can appear the pigmentation of the skin, mucous membrane. Mercury and AD cool-headed disease, in addition to skin color change, also can have the palms sweat, numbness, sleep disorder, etc. General skin discoloration caused by heavy metal particles had no effect to the body health, there is no appropriate treatment method, main is to stop contact, avoid sun exposure ( Will add metal calm) , can be used for external use only avoid light agent.

in addition, tattoo, skin disease, in addition to heavy metal and cause the viscose above still can cause local allergy symptoms, if the post of the tattoo parts appear red and swollen, blister contact dermatitis and itching symptoms, first remove the tattoo, can use normal saline to rinse, go to a doctor quickly.

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