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Huizhou tattoo paste processing

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-13

as a symbol of reflects the unique personality and self, tattoo stickers

step three: nail polish. Choice wants nail color at your fingertips gently daub, wait for dry, proposal is not completely dry when appropriate stickers, waiting time are generally four to five minutes.

step four: paste the nail stickers. With stomach gently rub hot nail stickers, color on the face, then along the refers to the edge, to gently press on the nail stickers with scissors to spare parts, with down to simple dressing the shape, it is ok to use hair dryer heating again.

tattoos are popular with more and more little sister. But for the fear of pain or the girls in the three minutes heat, tattoo is impossible? Of course not! Choose a suitable for their own tattoo paste, can the charm full of pain.

tattoo paste nail drill point is usually used to drill in the nails, special glue, said of glue, advantage is that it does not hurt the nails are less durable, mxbon quite strong, but has certain damage to nail, common is the 401 glue, and glue material about the tattoo paste

effective in reducing the use of chemical materials. Their nails stick raw material, adopt green without stimulation, to human body, skin non-toxic materials, took the lead through a number of international inspection company, detection project there are eight major heavy metal, 6 p, TRA, etc; At the same time they use the packing of the products, publicity materials, as far as possible to use recycled recycling materials, can use the paper to do, don't have plastic; This has become our nail stick, beauty makeup a direction of the development of the industry,

. Fake nails back glue is back tape, glue for ordinary viscous materials. Simple say is there is a layer of adhesive paper on the back. Back glue thin, soft, widely used for various advertising banners show version play the effect with the benefits of it is clear the flexibility of the color change is not too large it is also very good.

tattoo, as a kind of explicit in the characteristics of the body, tattoo on

transfer printing stickers, also known as water stickers, water, water color printing, it is a new surface treatment technology, can replace the pad printing, screen printing, paint, ink, coating and other technology, the design is exquisite, with points clear, delicate, soft, stable performance characteristics at the membrane surface.

increasingly reveals its aesthetic value in the modern society. Nowadays, the aesthetic value of gradually be amplified, appeared on the market already beautiful tattoo paste that does not have trouble back at home. Tattoos: just what it means for us?

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