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How to quickly remove waterproof tattoo paste?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-27

office colleagues bought tattoo stickers, small make up once put a tattoo paste, then follow the old mama say their tattoos. Old mama say that how make this? Don't look well. Small make up just smiled and said it was a one-off. Can play then mom said, don't get these filthy racket. Visible, now a lot of people's views about tattoos are bad. This have tattoo stickers, only beauty, want to erase will erase, but how can quickly remove tattoo paste?

the first method is very simple, direct use of magic tattoo discharge dehumidification towel, gently wipe the tattoo can easily be removed, in general, a tattoo of discharging dehumidification towel, can remove 10 * 10 cm tattoo, if more than this size, increase wipes usage.

the second method is to use discharge makeup water, conducting tests according to himself, eye make-up remover is one of the most useful, wet discharge makeup fluid with cosmetic cotton, wipe the tattoo design, back and forth can be removed easily.

the third way is perfume, specific reference to the second operation, but this method a little luxury, the local tyrants, please feel free to after unloading the tattoo paste, radiate charming fragrance, think is pretty good.

above is Wan Jiang small make up to summarize some of the ways to quickly remove tattoo stickers. Young people to view the tattoo paste can be normal, but not necessarily elders, when you need to remove the waterproof tattoo stickers as soon as possible, might as well try this several methods. Clean see elders.

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