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How many custom waterslide decal printing are produced by XingLiMei Printing Co.,Ltd per year?
The output of custom waterslide decal printing in Dongguan XingLiMei Printing Co.,Ltd is considerable. We may expand the production capacity based on market demand. Any orders above minimum quantity are received by us. The production will be scheduled to make sure the on-time delivery.

XingLiMei currently is the dominant metallic temporary tattoos supplier. The books printing is one of the main products of XingLiMei Printing Co.,Ltd. XingLiMei temporary tattoos for adults is designed and manufactured by a team of skilled employees. The colorants used in this product are non-toxic and healthy. It is appreciated for its thermal overload protection system. There is a heat output channel that forces the heat out to protect the product from overheat. Pictures on it are customizable to needs.

We are committed to reducing the impact of our activities on the environment. We achieve our goals by lowering CO2 emissions, improving the recycling rate, and re-using materials.
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