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How crystal tattoo paste paste?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-27

crystal tattoo paste is based on the design of the tattoo paste, combined with crystal elements, combining the exquisite design and dazzling crystal, create a new type of high-grade tattoo stickers. The tattoo with a very good adornment effect, are popular among girls. But how crystal tattoo paste paste good-looking?

the first need to do is, first wash and dry the area, so as to ensure that tattoo post in our body, good let's look at specific steps:

1. Separation of tattoo paper and drill press.

2。 Use scissors to cut out the tattoo parts.

3。 The patterned side, flat cover (where to change Avoid friction occurs easily) 。

4。 Will tattoo paste with water or with a wet towel and gently pat to wet.

5。 20 - Uncover a corner view after 30 seconds, if not fully bonded, repeat step 4.

6。 Dry 7 to design. Do 3 - such as tattoo During 5 minutes, don't touch with any object in case when glue did not work out. Determine the tattoo dry, tweezer oblique slip from drill labeled below, will be back glue stick on the tattoo shot drill bit. To drill the bitmap after all plastered with the steps to complete.

in accordance with the above method, crystal tattoo paste can be well posted on our backs. Crystal tattoo paste simple and convenient use, no pain, affix can keep a week or so, not afraid of water, no harm to the skin. So than traditional tattoo is more easy to accept, often also facilitate change pattern.

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