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Guangzhou tattoo paste children how to stick

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-22

1, the eyelash with 3 duan shiga laws first a radian, lest and the radian of false eyelash cannot merge. Clip is less than the details of the part can use the small local special eyelash clip. As long as the eyelash clip becomes warped, had become warped will card to wear false eyelashes. In part on both ends can apply some more, because eye head and eye end are very easy to become warped up.

children tattoo with a nail file 2 blunted light paint on the surface of the false nails. Fake nails surface layer is a shining light nail varnish layer

. Blunted light lacquer layer helps to propylene play a role in children's tattoo. 3 fingernails in part of the coated with vaseline. It is finger skin filling water. 4 will acetone off water into a glass bowl. After the fake nails will be here.

5 god, the god of death, hag Ming, cultured is a & other; Throughout the town &; Town, that's not much said. Advise not to go, the second a town not to live. Children's tattoo paste

the fan: this kind of nails on the narrow width, arc through your fingers. People with fan-shaped nails, mostly born strong physique, physical quality is good as a child, tolerance ability is very strong, but it's easy to ignore their health. In adulthood or old age more prone to duodenal ulcer, and cholecystitis or liver disease, etc.

6, Wolf, dog: it is strongly recommended that do not, in itself with dangerous means.

children tattoo in close to the popular crystal armor, many women in post this fake nails like change clothes frequently. Due to the crystal a gelling agent corrosive is too strong, make the nails brittle deformation; Sticking to the nails children tattoo paste

step 2: apply bottom oil. At your fingertips onto a thin layer of oil, to avoid direct contact with the natural oils, nail polish and nail lead to premature loss, avoid contact with can strengthen nail polish and nail the joint between the sex, and bottom oil also can protect the nails, avoid pigment precipitation directly on the nail polish, daub is waiting for its natural dry, do not use mouth to blow dry, that will destroy the feeling the armour of the ground.

, make long-term by mechanical pulling nails; Stick crystal nail nails to thin, and with longer false nails, increased the friction, nails and gelling agent, nail varnish chemical stimulus, make the nails easy to damage, stripping. Thus there are quite a few women do manicure nail bed separation phenomenon happens, stripped off the nails from the nail bed.
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