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Guangdong tattoo paste waterproof what are classified

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-06

4, after removal of tattoo, tattoo paste waterproof

on the product after need to spray light oil or other surface treatment, into the oven for 50 - Bake 30-120 degrees 60 minutes to blow grind resistant effect, widely used in plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, polly, the material such as wooden craft gift toys, daily necessities, sports equipment and other industries. 4, tattoo stickers, water transfer printing: this product USES a simple, convenient, and stick on the skin is not easy to peel water resistance is strong, can wipe to remove can use alcohol or solvents, main application

can put a small piece of ice on the skin, to reduce the friction, redness and swelling.

cold cream QingChuFa

1, apply a thick layer of snow on design.

2. Let the snow cake on the skin to stay for an hour or so, in order to give full play to its cleaning effect.

3, use towel to wipe the cream and tattoos. And then clean with warm water and liquid soap residue.

tattoo paste waterproof upper 5 nail and fingers dipped into a bowl. In the water for 15 to hand For 20 minutes. Acetone glue viscosity decrease false nails. 6 down false nails. With one hand pull down the nails of the other hand, has been almost no sticky glue, at this time only need the whole set to can tattoo paste waterproof

round, round nails, master looked vigorous, tough, and rarely get sick. Such people react very insensitive to disease, it is difficult to consciously out a vision of the body, so, once the sick, often very heavy. On them is the most easy to happen ulcer bleeding, pancreatitis, cardiac dysfunction and even cancer. Different color, different warnings.

。 If the glue not fully be soften again bubble for a while. Or you can also use small wooden sign pried nail down, to sign the small wood cut into pencil end round head end point shape. Small wood sign unloading nails is a very useful tool, many salons are in use, can buy medicine makeup store. ( 1]

the first need to do is, first wash and dry the area, so as to ensure that tattoo post in our body, good let's look at specific steps: tattoo stickers waterproof

lily form: nails are long, middle obviously swelled, four weeks, the shape is like a lily. This kind of nails, see more at women, this kind of the shape of the nail is the most beautiful, but has the most of the people more disease at an early age, especially in the digestive system often problematic, also are more likely to suffer from diseases of the blood system.

1。 Separation of tattoo paper and drill press.

2。 Use scissors to cut out the tattoo parts.

3。 The patterned side, flat cover (where to change Avoid friction occurs easily) 。

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