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Guangdong tattoo paste how to choose

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-15

2, let oil stay in grain in minutes, full penetration, tattoo stickers

round, round nails, master looked vigorous, tough, and rarely get sick. Such people react very insensitive to disease, it is difficult to consciously out a vision of the body, so, once the sick, often very heavy. On them is the most easy to happen ulcer bleeding, pancreatitis, cardiac dysfunction and even cancer. Different color, different warnings.

easier to wipe the tattoo.

3, tried to wipe it off with a towel. Tattoos wrinkle will gradually fall off. Please continue to brush, until all the tattoos off. Can use a paper towel instead of towels.

4, liquid washing hands with warm water and clean the rest of the grease. Then with dry towel.

tattoo paste crystal nail ( Fake nails) Stick up, how to get down? — — Crystal shell is made of crystal powder, before do, is to put the nail surface grinding thin tattoo paste

process with color printing, hot stamping, printing, onion powder, hot laser, stick drill, sticky, flocking, hollow out, and so on; If early nails TieZhu water transfer printing, like water transfer tattoo paste used, need water to with nails, this is to keep the longest, generally can reach more than 10 days and, if appropriate protection,

, so be careful when unloaded, otherwise your nails will be very suffering, to professional nail salons to unload, there is a dedicated discharge their crystal a potion, it doesn't hurt is inherently fragile nails, but it is to charge if you don't have time. 。 。

4。 Will tattoo paste with water or with a wet towel and gently pat to wet.

5。 20 - Uncover a corner view after 30 seconds, if not fully bonded, repeat step 4. Tattoo paste

step three: nail polish. Choice wants nail color at your fingertips gently daub, wait for dry, proposal is not completely dry when appropriate stickers, waiting time are generally four to five minutes.

step four: paste the nail stickers. With stomach gently rub hot nail stickers, color on the face, then along the refers to the edge, to gently press on the nail stickers with scissors to spare parts, with down to simple dressing the shape, it is ok to use hair dryer heating again.

6。 Dry 7 to design. Do 3 - such as tattoo During 5 minutes, don't touch with any object in case when glue did not work out. Determine the tattoo dry, tweezer oblique slip from drill labeled below, will be back glue stick on the tattoo shot drill bit. To drill the bitmap after all covered with,

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