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Guangdong crystal tattoo with which classification

by:XingLiMei     2020-08-27

tattoo paste is a kind of stick in the body tattoo stickers. Simple and convenient use, no pain, crystal tattoo paste

technology have printing color pattern, hot stamping, onion powder, hot laser, stuck drill, flower, flocking, hollow out, etc. If early nails TieZhu water transfer printing, like water transfer tattoo paste used, need water to with nails, this is to keep the longest, generally can reach more than 10 days and, if appropriate protection,

affix can stay for a week, not afraid of water, no harm to the skin. So than traditional tattoo is more easy to accept, often also facilitate change pattern. Cheap, and a color and design of attracting customers.

crystal tattoo paste manicure later on how to quickly remove with glue on the crystal fake nails? _— — 1. Can go to nail the false nails down, they will help you with a liquid water panasonic false nails, is a little bit of a problem. 2. The most convenient time for himself inside the basin that wash a face is a major method in the warm water, then put his hand in false nails can be uninstalled. But after his nails and that kind of like the '502' kind of glue crystal tattoo paste

the second layer is the bottom paper, is the base material of nail stick and basic choice of mass production is transparent or white from type paper, PET is discarded after use. Live with us as we all know, PET paper, oil raw materials, how to use, save in the fashion beautiful at the same time, more environmental protection, low carbon, green, highly developed in the manufacturing industry of dongguan city, guangdong province, a nail stick firm innovation develop without base material craft nail stick, tattoos,

, can oneself buy a grinding nails ( Boutiques are sold inside) 。 3. With warm water with lemon water ( Just did not find a orange slice to squeeze a few drops to also go) And then put his hand into the water to soak for a period of time ( Ten to fifteen minutes) , good in one hand ( Same way) 。 4. Maintenance, suggest to buy a paint nourishing fluid besmear nail, nails, suggest using nail file on every side, according to the step file. 5. In addition, as far as possible don't use nail polish in a month. If want to use, apply to the bottom of the armor oil, to besmear nail polish, color should be light color.

crystal tattoo stick extension information: women in ancient China refers to storage and act the role ofing has long been a tradition of wearing fingerstall, can now see the earliest fingerstall is jilin province LaoHe refers to the protection of han dynasty unearthed in deep gold. It is made from a thin piece of gold curly, spiraling upward extension, thickness length can be adjusted, concise and practical crystal tattoo paste

small make up is not to deny that this kind of culture, the lines of the body will have to see you, remember that an American girl for some waves on his body tattoo, as long as the scan can appear a voice, the voice is a lot of value, is the American girl grandma finally said to himself a paragraph, this is a kind of spiritual sustenance, grandma is gone, but the waves will represent the grandma, think of this story, you will feel that tattoo is a meaningful body tattoo.

。 Tang period of the aristocratic women except attaches great importance to the different forms of hairstyle in elaborate decoration face at the same time, also attaches great importance to the adornment of the hand. The man for the standards of female beauty is not only a rich figure and with face, also care about the women's hands. The tang dynasty poet han 翭 made the chorale hand poems to praise the hands of women.
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