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Guangdong crystal tattoo paste tutorial

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-23

(2) the tape with division

1, prepare a few clean tape. Crystal tattoo paste

nail necessary: 'to do a good job, must first sharpen his', of various types of will nail art supplies, and learn how to correctly use, this is the beginning of the nail.

1, manicure tools, manicure tools of disposable supplies, must be disinfected before each use, therefore, the size of the tool to into a detergent container is advisable.

crystal tong: used only when doing crystal nails, can not replace with leather pliers, otherwise easy to cause broken crystal nail.

note that strong than transparent adhesive tape. Good adhesive tape cutting can stick on the edge of the table. Set aside.

2, will tape tightly on the pattern, and then gently on the back and along the tape friction with the fingers.

3, tape. Tattoos are tape sticking. If the paste area is larger, please try several times, until its complete removal.

crystal tattoo on artificial nails wear general use tape or nails 'yi xia' nails to stick in your hands. Tape or 'summer' with Iraq nails set on nail two-thirds crystal tattoo paste

MSDS ( 材料安全数据表) The chemical safety instructions, can be translated into chemical safety technical specifications or chemical safety data. The eight elements: lead ( Pb) , arsenic, As) , antimony, Sb) , barium, Ba) , cadmium, 世邦魏理仕(Cb) , chromium, Cr) , mercury, Hg) , selenium, Se) 。 6 p standard refers to the development of acid salt, they respectively are: have ester phthalate ( DEHP)

, nails on refers to the belly, tape, or 'take the summer' nails set of winding should be covering half his fingernails. Thumb application have camber nails put on. Note: if you choose the nail a flat convex on both sides, is to place the convex side outwards. 。

tattoo, as a kind of explicit to the body characteristics, crystal tattoo paste

a lot of people who used nail stickers will say very troublesome, actually otherwise. Nail stickers is really five main steps can be done, the use of the nail stickers steps are as follows:

step one: clean hands. Wash hands thoroughly, with cleaning supplies with a dry towel to wipe clean.

increasingly reveals its aesthetic value in the modern society. Nowadays, the aesthetic value of gradually be amplified, appeared on the market already beautiful tattoo paste that does not have trouble back at home. Tattoos: just what it means for us?

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