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Guangdong arm tattoo paste wholesale price

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-21

like the careful when choosing tattoo, take the arm tattoo paste

step three: nail polish. Choice wants nail color at your fingertips gently daub, wait for dry, proposal is not completely dry when appropriate stickers, waiting time are generally four to five minutes.

step four: paste the nail stickers. With stomach gently rub hot nail stickers, color on the face, then along the refers to the edge, to gently press on the nail stickers with scissors to spare parts, with down to simple dressing the shape, it is ok to use hair dryer heating again.

all kinds of tattoo paste is not randomly selected. Once a wrong not only looks cheap, but also and their own temperament very don't match. Want to tattoo paste as delicate as a real tattoo, when trying to choose from many consider size, quality and style.

2, to get your favorite tattoo designs, the surface layer of transparent film tear, in the case of keep cover smooth, put on your skin. Tattoo paste form:

lily flower arm nails are long, middle obviously swelled, four weeks, the shape is like a lily. This kind of nails, see more at women, this kind of the shape of the nail is the most beautiful, but has the most of the people more disease at an early age, especially in the digestive system often problematic, also are more likely to suffer from diseases of the blood system.

3, use wet towel or sponge covered in tattoos, let it wet, if face appears on the bubble, remember to drop its extrusion, and then let stand for 30 minutes 1 hour.

flower arm tattoo with Chinese zither nail method 1, according to their own fingers, reasonable choose YiJia size. 2, wear nails used tape length is about two and a half circle of the finger flower arm tattoo paste

proposed a nails done again for a second, because it is not easy to grasp the extent of the nail polish dry.

step 5: smear light oil. Just a matter of nail stickers up? Don't worry, remember to smear light oil, can effectively prevent the loss. To know how to use nail sticker now? Is it easy?

。 3, put the nails on the tape, set aside a nod and leave most of the other side. Thumb to tilt, when other thumb YiJia are put. 4, worn by the thumb nail tilt Angle of 45 degrees, and nails should be in the first section refers to the above, more than the first knuckle will cause an effect to play.
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