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Guangdong 3 d tattoo paste wholesale price

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-23

as captain jack sparrow in 'pirates of the Caribbean' Johnny Depp said 3 d tattoo paste

proposed a nails done again for a second, because it is not easy to grasp the extent of the nail polish to dry.

step 5: smear light oil. Just a matter of nail stickers up? Don't worry, remember to smear light oil, can effectively prevent the loss. To know how to use nail sticker now? Is it easy?

:“ My body is a diary. Sailors did, every tattoo is meaningful, when your tattoo on your body, even if you are with a knife to cut my body, or to do professional tattoo, represents the special things in your life and people.

3, tiger: a lot. Up the hill, down the mountain tiger tiger has its own standards. 3 d tattoo paste

on the product after need to spray light oil or other surface treatment, into the oven for 50 - Bake 30-120 degrees 60 minutes to blow grind resistant effect, widely used in plastic, metal, ceramic, glass, polly, the material such as wooden craft gift toys, daily necessities, sports equipment and other industries. 4, tattoo stickers, water transfer printing: this product USES a simple, convenient, and stick on the skin is not easy to peel water resistance is strong, can wipe to remove can use alcohol or solvents, main application

mountain tiger represents mountain, wash his meaning; Down the mountain tiger representatives to prepare and make, made his name. How to release made more prison. And v requirements are plump and sturdy. I've seen a humanistic a skinny tiger. Animal exquisite shape, tiger can only be up.

tattoo paste technology for water transfer printing technology, 3 d tattoo paste

effective in reducing the use of chemical materials; Their nails stick raw material, adopt green without stimulation, to human body, skin non-toxic materials, took the lead through a number of international inspection company, detection project there are eight major heavy metal, 6 p, TRA, etc; At the same time they use the packing of the products, publicity materials, as far as possible to use recycled recycling materials, can use the paper to do, don't have plastic; This has become our nail stick a direction of the development of the industry, beauty makeup,

material is mainly composed of water transfer paper, green ink, glue and membrane of environmental protection, after printing the finished product, can through a small amount of water will be on the bottom paper pattern unload into the skin, or on other items.

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