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Girls put tattoo and considerate in what place?

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-28

in traditional ideas, tattoo will give a sense of frivolous debauchery. Today, tattoos are no longer as already can be accepted by the public, spend it as a sculpture in the body. But the tattoo's too painful, but many people want to dare not to do, so the tattoo post came to life. Many girls post the tattoo, the girl to stick a tattoo and considerate in what place look good?

。 1 collarbone

if the body is very thin, collarbone prominent, so there will be a tattoo for you good position, single or dense pattern are good-looking.

。 2 neck

this is tattoo all the most prominent position, so the grain and statement to be more cautious in the design, some soft lines and classic decorative pattern.

。 3 back

short hair girl, like: this position again wen can give a person is breezy good impression, grain is very suitable for some interesting design, write a letter place also enough.

。 4 feet

a lot of girls would choose the ankle tattoo, small inconspicuous, if around a week as decorative patterns can also be anklets.

tattoos can generally keep 1 week or so. Tattoos contains adhesive and other ingredients, make its not easy to fall off and have waterproof effect, generally can be maintained 7 days or so, the longer the time, tattoos will continue to fall off.

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