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From the cool girl rebellious is clear, you only need a tattoo stickers

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-26

a talking about tattoos' target='_blank'>tattoos, some of you may think of is the color of the tattoo, color is very single. A lot of people have a tattoo is a dream, one of their own logo. But tattoos were elderly people are seen as a 'bad things', given the idea of elders, lots of people are off.

a lot of people have a tattoo is a dream in my heart. A to belong to own, unique small totem, engraved on the body of a piece of skin, always follow yourself, like will not fade. But not everyone has the right to drive or conditions determined to give yourself this mark. Also fear will be fed up the same pattern.

so the existence of the tattoo paste, gave every day we live in the rules of a respite time, a rebellious camouflage. Tattoo paste has now don't like the last few years, only a few lousy common fixed pattern, the red rose, butterfly, blue dragon. But flowers, great variety to collect to the roof.

will clean enough fresh, simple and not mixed and disorderly. Simple lines and clean color collocation are together, become a maverick and won't refuse people in small and pure and fresh. Tattoo ornament in the wrist, neck. Black and white lines like clean children, summer summer forest streams and bubble ice pop.

and almost has become a derogatory term. Casual charm, probably is stained with dust. But there are always some senior beauty is upgrade of the feminine taste. Is temperament outstanding woman. A tattoo paste, take you to experience the small pure and fresh, cool girl.

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