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Foshan waterproof tattoo paste quotation

by:XingLiMei     2020-08-25

2。 Tear up tattoos' target='_blank'>tattoo paste the crystal sticker, try not to run into the inside of the words or patterns.

3。 Took out a small spray, inside is clear water oh, stick a tattoo on you want to post position.

4。 The water light spray on wet to tattoo paste.

5。 Ok, now gently shake off the white paper, lifelike tattoo will be appear in the body.

waterproof tattoo stick how to use: step 1: clean up your old nail polish. You need to clean up your old nail polish, even if not much, in order to paste the false nails. Otherwise your nails will make it difficult to false nails against waterproof tattoo on

the second layer is the bottom paper, is the base material of nail stick and basic choice of mass production is transparent or white from type paper, PET is discarded after use. Live with us as we all know, PET paper, oil raw materials, how to use, save in the fashion beautiful at the same time, more environmental protection, low carbon, green, highly developed in the manufacturing industry of dongguan city, guangdong province, a nail stick firm innovation develop without base material craft nail stick, tattoos,

. They will fall off in a day or two, unless you are the inevitable stage. If you already wear fake nails, either acrylic or gel, continue to clear them. You can use acetone or other method to finish the work. With acetone or other nail polish to wash their hands after discharge makeup.

process with printing color pattern, hot stamping, onion powder, hot laser, stuck drill, flower, flocking, hollow out, etc. If early nails TieZhu water transfer printing, like water transfer tattoo paste used, need water to with nails, this is to keep the longest, generally can reach more than 10 days and, if appropriate protection,

waterproof 3 tattoos. Poor circulation not only makes the hands to show, purple spots, nails are cyan, also should fully massage, strengthen the blood circulation, make the blood flow to the hands and nail bed, restore healthy luster

effective in reducing the use of chemical materials; Their nails stick raw material, adopt green without stimulation, to human body, skin non-toxic materials, took the lead through a number of international inspection company, detection project there are eight major heavy metal, 6 p, TRA, etc; At the same time they use the packing of the products, publicity materials, as far as possible to use recycled recycling materials, can use the paper to do, don't have plastic; This has become our nail stick, beauty makeup a direction of the development of the industry,

. 4. Rubber gloves should be worn when doing the housework, to avoid chemical injury 5 of nails. With colored armor oil should be put a layer of protection with colourless nail polish, nail polish pigment deposition in the nail surface. Nails with deposition, we should let it fall off automatically, this is the best way to handle it, do not use bleach white nails.

waterproof tattoo stick resources: baidu encyclopedia - Armor sets of qing dynasty clothing noble woman have long nails, with henna or henna dye nails has long been a culture of

now in the market has a very wide range delicate tattoo paste, greatly satisfy the want to tattoo, but because of various reasons did not go to tattoo. But everyone is for the use of the tattoo paste have doubts? Today teach you how to easily stick good tattoo paste ~! 1. The tattoo paste on market generally is oily, so as to maintain its lifelike and persistence, first select a piece of your favorite tattoo stickers.

。 Made nails set of gold and silver in the qing dynasty, grain is exquisite, variety waterproof tattoo stickers. This picture nails set in the qing dynasty ( Also known as 'refers to the nurse, , from left to right in accordance with the qing dynasty as a tortoise shell jewelry inlaid jade sunflower nails set, gold armor, tortoise jewelry inlaid flower butterfly nails in the qing dynasty, qing dynasty tortoise shell beads embedded m group long-lived nails.
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