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Foshan waterproof tattoo paste manufacturers

by:XingLiMei     2020-09-06

a color is the nail gloss and color. Have certain burnish is very even and healthy nails, like a smooth glass, and the nails should be a beautiful pink. Once a change of color, it shows that have taken place in some places in the body, should be taken seriously.

waterproof tattoo stick to expand information: drill nail point glue first choice when to do the following a few questions: 1) Determine whether there is electric plating diamond, the diamond with what material self-adhesive waterproof tattoo paste

effective in reducing the use of chemical materials; Their nails stick raw material, adopt green without stimulation, to human body, skin non-toxic materials, took the lead through a number of international inspection company, detection project there are eight major heavy metal, 6 p, TRA, etc; At the same time they use the packing of the products, publicity materials, as far as possible to use recycled recycling materials, can use the paper to do, don't have plastic; This has become our nail stick, beauty makeup a direction of the development of the industry,

. 2) Because the diamond itself is small, so can directly determine is a small area of the adhesive. 3) Determine the specific resistance to medium capacity after bonding. 4) Determine the amount of plastic, and then determine the highest use of the glue cost.

want to tattoo, but afraid of pain, or be affected by other factors make you unable to complete dream? Don't worry, tattoo paste can easily solve your problem. But how tattoo paste paste? Waterproof tattoo paste

tattoos may was considered a social person in the first few years, but in today's tattoo is a common things in particular, general is to play, some people on the tattooed dragon white tiger, but the lines were thought & other Cool & throughout; Because is very beautiful, actually this kind of cool most people can appreciate.

in addition, you should also pay attention to these things before you use it!

cheap, and a color and design of attracting customers. Waterproof tattoo paste

can reach 30 days; With the constant improvement of technology, all kinds of effects have been gradually mature application, the effect of metal, shiny effect of onion powder, the effect of laser, velvet effect, three-dimensional effect of diamond, 2 d, 3 d effect of foaming effect, hollow out, luminous, temperature change, photosensitive color, discoloration, etc. , under the influence of water is held in our country.

but due to the market turmoil, the quality of the tattoo paste mostly poor, and even some use chemical complex ink and glue, brought damage to consumers' skin.

people's evaluation to tattoo paste and mixed reviews. Tattoo paste was always give a person the sense of low-priced cheap vulgar, even if again well-made tattoo paste or there will be many questions.

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